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Friday, January 6, 2012

Mycological Meeting--Mushrooms!

For some of us "mycological" is almost "mythological", but to Stephen Russell is is a way of life.  Mycology is the study of mushrooms and Stephen has been following fungi for years.

His presentation will focus on edible mushrooms--both finding them and making sure they are safe for consumption!

Join us at 6:30pm on Tuesday, Jan 10th to meet Stephen and learn more about mushrooms.

More about Stephen:

Stephen Russell is the owner of The Hoosier Mushroom Company, based in Bloomington, IN ( He been growing mushrooms for nearly a decade.  The company not only grows mushrooms, but also offers pre-made grow kits for indoor and outdoor cultivation, as well as most of the supplies needed for mushroom cultivation processes and mushroom hunting. His ongoing love of fungi has led him to found The Hoosier Mushroom Society, Indiana’s first and only amateur mycological association ( He holds a Master’s of Environmental Science with a focus on Microbiology, and a Master’s of Public Affairs with a focus on Public Policy – both from Indiana University, and is currently writing a book on at-home mushroom cultivation.

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